Hi, I’m Craig.

As a coach, I’m here to help you make your big leap as a creative.

As a counsellor, therapist and meditation teacher, I’m here to help you deal with blocks and issues, and take the next step in life.

Craig Behenna, narrative therapy, meditation and mindfulness teacher, filmmaker and coach


I coach creative professionals and people who are ready to discover the next step in their journey.

I’m also a counsellor and therapist. I work with you to grow and evolve throughout your life. I provide skilled support and guidance for you to strengthening and trust your inner connection.

I’m also an award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker and actor with more than twenty years in the industry. My latest feature writing, Scarygirl, stars Jillian Nyugen, Sam Neill, Anna Torv and Tim Minchin and is set for release on screens in the USA in 2024 after screening at Cannes. I’ve won the Austin Film Festival Jury Award, and I’ve written for shows that won Best Childrens’ TV on three continents.

I came to this work because I saw that some people (myself included) had difficulties with some traditional therapists. They needed an approach grounded in contemporary methods, but that was flexible and open to their needs. No one-size-fits-all approach here.
If you’re curious – read on!
Watch the Trailer for Scarygirl, written by me based on the creations of Nathan Jurevicius. Starring Jillian Nyugen, Sam

Craig’s guided meditation program was an absolute game-changer for me... I was also concurrently completing an in-depth MBSR Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program — it was great, but it couldn’t hold a candle to Craig’s program. I learned so much and I truly believe it was central to helping me cope and work through our collective challenging period. As a psychosynthesis coach, I use imagery and guided visualizations very often with clients and groups. Craig’s program gave me much more confidence and direct instruction to work with others and, ultimately improve my daily practice.”

Mark Douglas

Owner, TheSeaWithinYou.com Transpersonal Coaching & Astrology

I work with clients using contemporary coaching and therapy practices. I also see that sometimes we need a more tailored, specific approach to reestablish our connection with body, mind and spirit. The work has its basis in

  • Narrative Therapy
  • Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal Psychology
  • Solutions-Based Therapy and Coaching
  • Zen and Buddhist psychology
  • Compassion-Based-Therapy
  • Practices of stillness and awareness, Meditation and Mindfulness-based coaching and therapy

Coaching Online with Craig

I work with creative and people who work in creative ways. Do you want to

  • Uncover and clear blocks and do your best work?
  • Discover the stories that have held you back AND reconnect with the reasons you took this creative path in the first place?
  • Clarify and strengthen relationships in your creative, production or corporate team?
  • Be present, clear and able to articulate your position even in tough and stressful environments?
  • Work with a coach who has been on all sides of the process of making TV, film and theatre?
  • Experience more joy and satisfaction in your process and your work?
  • Have a stronger connection to your creative intuition?
  • Work with an acting, writing, creative coach who has been through the process?

What People Are Saying

What I most want to say about your work, and working with you:  is that I really feel like you are watching my whole person, not just my performance.  Our focus is on being and doing and breathing and relationship with text all at the same time.  You give so much calm to the process, so much acceptance, that I feel completely comfortable to let those impulses out.  And it is getting to know that impulse again, that has been squashed with years of forceful direction and fear, the impulse that stirs in my gut and comes out of my body in the way it needs and wants to.  It is that stirring inside that I’m getting to know.”

Emma Beech

“Craig has a manner about him that immediately relaxes you. His approach to mindfulness is considered and deliberate but undoubtedly free. His ability to combine mindfulness practice with the process of acting is so freeing for someone who often gets stuck in their head! I walked away with many techniques on how to stay grounded in the moment within the work but most importantly to treat myself with kindness even when I think I should be reprimanding myself. Would absolutely recommend working with Craig!”

Alexander Lloyd.

Counselling and Therapy Online with Craig

If you’re here for counselling, perhaps you want some support around a particular issue or during a time of difficulty or transition in your life. In our sessions, you’ll find a supportive place to open and discuss what’s important. We’ll work on what matters and also work on (re)connecting and developing that source of support and connection within yourself.

As leaders seeking to create change in these uncertain and complex environments, there’s a need to grow our own capacities to see the complex human systems at play clearly and act upon those systems with awareness and intention. And our coaches and mentors need to also have those same capacities. Craig understands, and holds without judgment, the emotional underpinnings of human behavior. He’s able to reflect what we need to see of ourselves in order to make the changes necessary to meet new challenges. I highly recommend working with Craig if you want to challenge yourself to grow as a leader.

David Evans

VP Product, BetterManager

I work from a foundation belief that we evolve and grow as people throughout life. We work to discover new paths of growth and change in your life.

Clients come to me to work with anxiety, stress, depression, creative blocks, career and life direction, ADD, issues related to perfectionism, and other questions.

They also work with me to develop trust within themselves. Some people call it trusting their gut. Some talk to me about trusting their body’s responses. Some call it accessing their inner wisdom, intuition, higher or evolutionary awareness.

We work with practical exercises to build your inner connection. The work helps you to (re)discover and tap creativity, talent and what’s important for you. We work with core challenges and also the qualities, skills and stories you have in your life and help you to align with your purpose.