Psychosynthesis. Unlock Your Potential. Connect With Your Purpose.

Life is an art and we should create and treat our lives like an art.
Roberto Assagioli, creator of Psychosythesis.

These words from the Italian therapist Roberto Assagioli, who developed the psychosynthesis approach, point to a powerful metaphor.

Assagioli created psychosynthesis in response to what he saw as a lack of focus on the ‘higher’ aspects of the human being in other therapeutic models.

Psychosynthesis aims to address our complexity as multidimensional beings across the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.

Rather than dwell on deficits, it holds an open and positive view of human potential. Its purpose is to strengthen our innate capacities for personal growth, inner healing and living with purpose.

Where we experience inner conflict amongst the different “voices” within us, psychosynthesis guides us to heal those relationships. To integrate the diverse aspects of our experience into a harmonious whole.

The goal – to access the deep wellsprings of wisdom already present within. We create the space to express ourselves authentically and creatively, according to what we most value.

When it is balanced and healthy, human growth proceeds in all directions: it looks like an expanding sphere rather than a straight line. It is for precisely this reason that psychosynthesis endeavours to take into consideration all the dimensions of human life which truly matter

Pierro Ferrucci, bestselling author of What We May Be

The aim of psychosynthesis is to integrate all the human dimensions – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual –  into a synthesized whole so you can fully express yourself and live life creatively.

By treating our life like a great artwork, we become co-creators mindfully shaping the “masterpiece” in service of our highest selves.

Psychosynthesis offers an inspiring, holistic vision for human growth. One that honours the fullness of our human potential.

The Call of Self, a phrase coined in psychosynthesis long ago, is the center point of work. It is the assumption that each individual has the capacity to tune in, deeply, to a sense of life purpose. Individuals enter coaching in response to this very Call of Self, as they “hear” a need to grow, reorient, expand, heal or even reinvent their lives.

Dr. Dorothy Firman, Best-Selling Author, Psychosynthesis Therapist and Coach

Psychosynthesis: Coaching With Depth. With Craig Behenna.

Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal psychology – we see the self as a constant process of evolution and growth, looking to connect with and express its purpose – purpose which also evolves over our lives.

The process of psychosynthesis aims to help us cooperate with our desire to develop and grow.

Working with a psychosynthesis coach and therapist is a relationship focused on you as a whole person, with a creative and positive trajectory in life, in a process centred on your needs, with you as the expert in your own life and the coach as guide on the journey.

The work often involves exercises to come to understand the impulses, emotions, voices, intuitions and sensations that help and seem to hinder us on the journey. As we come to know and understand our inner landscape, our relationship with our inner self and its many parts improves. We notice less inner conflict and more harmony, and discover more energy, awareness and openness to life and purpose.

You may think this sounds too good to be true, especially if you’re experiencing a block on the path. Psychosynthesis often works with blocks on the path. As we become more aware of how we are internally (sometimes called our internal weather), we start to understand much more of ourselves. We see that we experience thoughts, moods, emotions, feelings that pass through us – and we are more than that.

Through our development, we free ourselves from reactivity and conditioned responses to inner and outer issues that might once have triggered us. We find a place of space and awareness. We can change our inner direction to follow our own path. We make our own decisions about the purpose and direction of life, guided by our inner knowing of body-mind connection, intuition and, if it’s right for you, spirit.

I would describe Craig’s coaching style as a dynamic, cross-disciplinary approach to fostering organic creative growth for his clients. He employs a relaxed yet highly integrated method to drive sustainable and meaningful progress toward specific results. By utilizing diverse creative disciplines and techniques, he encourages innovation and holistic problem-solving, ultimately guiding clients to achieve their objectives in ways that are deeply mindful and meaningful.

Adam Ovadia

Multidisciplinary Artist and Filmmaker

Psychosynthesis is a very open process, shaped by your needs as a client. It’s a process of deep acceptance, personal development, inner learning, discovery and stepping into a fuller experience of yourself. We may use exercises and techniques like guided visualisations, image work, journaling, meditation, reflection and other inner work.

I work with people across all walks of life. You might be looking to clear a block as an artist. You might be at a new chapter or a crossroads in life, asking questions about direction and purpose: what now? No matter what path you’re on, or would like to be on, your journey is unique and we’ll treat it as such.