Narrative Therapy and Coaching. Your Life Story.

Narrative work helps you to shift the stories about yourself, others, and life. As you see that you are not your stories, you can claim make space for new ways of seeing yourself and the world.

Using narrative therapy and coaching, clients shift from unconscious reaction to creative response. You can claim authorship of your life and your unique story to help you shape your future.

I lead teams and manage critical change programs within large organisations. I have known Craig for many years and have experienced some difficult times throughout my career. Craig has always known the right questions to ask to get to the heart of an issue, whether within myself or interpersonal relationships. Using his deep insight into human behaviour, Craig has helped me to develop strategies to manage, develop and thrive. Craig listens, and understands the individual providing tailored advice, toolkits and solutions that work for you.
James Allen

From the time we lived in tribes, stories were how we learned and understood who we were, how we belonged, and what our life was about.

Today, the stories we absorb shape our perspectives, choices and lives. The stories we hear, and the stories we tell ourselves, still profoundly shape the way we see ourselves, what’s possible for our lives, and our deep sense of identity.

Narrative work looks deeper than many conventional coaching and therapy forms. It takes into account the personal and social stories and frameworks we live in. This makes genuine change possible. As we become aware that we tell stories about ourselves and our world, we can evaluate the

When we re-evaluate and rewrite these inner narratives, we can change disempowering patterns and belief about who we are and who we can grow into. 

Our internal stories and self-conceptions are not fixed. Like us, they are ever evolving. They are open to conscious shaping.

Michael White, co-creator of narrative therapy, describes our inner narratives as “living documents”. We can step back from problem stories in our lives. We can rewrite our narratives in more empowering ways.

Working with narrative coaching and therapy makes a space for you to revise and transform how we see ourselves through our stories.

When you learn to see the stories in your life and get to know their origins, you can become the author of your life again. It also helps you to dis-identify with the stories that cause you trouble in life and rediscover and water the seeds of positive stories about who you can become.

In narrative work, you are the expert in your own life. You contain the resources and the capacity to work with your stories, to reveal the story behind your impulse and desire for change. I act as your guide along the path, working with the raw materials of story and your capacity to reimagine and revision your life.

By reclaiming authorship over your inner narrative with empathy and insight, refreshing possibilities emerge and your agency is restored. You become able to intentionally edit storylines to support your chosen direction.