Healing The Inner Critic: A Workshop With Craig Behenna

At The Mercury Cinema on Saturday 20th April, 3PM-5PM

I’m running a two-hour session on Saturday, 20th April on working with and healing our relationship with our inner critic.

I work with a lot of actors and creatives. One of the biggest challenges people work with in their creative lives is a harsh inner voice that relentlessly drives and criticises them.

I experience the same thing. These voices can drain our energy, sap our creative spark and make us doubt ourselves. I started writing an article or two about it.

But we can make a better relationship with our inner critic and make space for our own creative voice and work. 

And so, after lots of one-to-one conversations with artists, creatives and achievers in the corporate world who all had similar experiences, I thought I’d start sharing these ideas and techniques more widely, starting on April 20th at the Mercury Cinema, 13 Morphett Street Adelaide.

These two hours will be very practical and designed to give you information and exercises to 

  • Understand the origin of the inner critic
  • Learn the purpose of the inner critic and how to work with it
  • Learn and practice exercises to develop a better relationship with your inner critic 
  • Gain inner space and compassion for yourself and your creative practice 

You can read all the details here and you can jump to the enrolment page here.

Discounts apply for students and MEAA members. 

Also, if you want to come and are in a difficult financial position at the moment, email me at craig@craigbehenna.com. We can work something out. 

We’ll meet at the Mercury Cinema from 3PM-5PM. Thanks to Ruth Fallon on the SA

branch of MEAA and to the Mercury Cinema for their support.

If you’re curious, if you have questions – please ask! Mail me at craig@craigbehenna.com

If you’re interested in future workshops, please hit reply to let me know and I’ll make sure I keep in touch about events coming up. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the 20th