Monkey Man, Dev Patel’s Directorial Debut, Makes a Stellar Debut at SXSW

Monkey Man is Dev Patel’s step into the director’s chair. It’s a no-holds-barred action movie that I’ve seen referred to online as ‘John Wick in Mumbai’.

Monkey Man held it’s world prem screening at SXSW this week. It gained a standing ovation, and at the time I write this has a brilliant 90% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

And it’s a fun moment for me because I came in briefly to consult on story during the edit process. I can tell you that the movie is a hell of a ride and the John Wick in Mumbai tag is totally justified. If you’re an action fan, and if you want to see Dev Patel’s very specific take on this dark, deep world, then I highly recommend.

Enjoy the trailer: